Just like life itself, there’s really no set way to do things. When I thought of this post, I had no structure in mind. I didn’t think there was a proper structure or any kind of proper structure for that matter, when it’s about life. One of the many things I remember learning throughout my english courses was that … Continue reading

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I was greeted with a pleasant email this morning as I checked my morning socials. It’s now time to apply for graduation! Other students might have received this message a lot earlier in the year considering they were most likely on track with all their academics and such. I received mine this morning, a little … Continue reading

You’re doing a great job
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You’re doing a great job

Overthinking and over analyzing are my specialties. If there’s anyone who’s always thinking of the worst case scenario before it even happens, it’s me. I’m the kind of person who weighs the pros and cons to every decision I make. I think of the consequences of my actions, even if those consequences may occur waaaayyy … Continue reading