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I was greeted with a pleasant email this morning as I checked my morning socials. It’s now time to apply for graduation! Other students might have received this message a lot earlier in the year considering they were most likely on track with all their academics and such. I received mine this morning, a little late compared to most but I received it nonetheless!

I had switched my major during the end of my Spring 2016 semester and I said good riddance to that B.A. in English Lit! I warmly welcomed my new area of study: Sociology and I couldn’t be happier. With this change in pace, I panicked and thought this would require an additional year of school in which I very hesitant about but realized my happiness was more important than sticking it through classes I felt miserable in. You don’t know how hard this was for me.. I was nearly finished with my English major and I decided “screw this, it’s time for something different!” I don’t do things like that!

Well, here we are today and I’m one semester into my Soc major with a couple of winter courses that I’m currently taking and I’m ready to apply for graduation. After meetings on meetings with my advisers, I knew this would be happening this year because we planned out my entire academic journey that would eventually lead me to this point but honestly, this receiving this email was so surreal. 

Everyone I’m sure is excited about graduation, who isn’t? The end goal is finally in sight and all the work I put in is finally feeling worth it. All those moments I wanted to give up, all the moments I didn’t want to wake up early because finding a parking spot at CSUF seemed hopeless, and all the times I just wanted to lay in bed more than anything because I had gotten off late from work the night prior. I remember so vividly calling my mom twice a week in tears because I couldn’t find parking. I wanted to move out so bad, just to be closer to school. I hated commuting and I hated having to sit in traffic after school. I hated everything. Eventually, I learned to master these things and it’s been the most rewarding experience. What I’m getting to, though, is that I won’t have to do these things ever again. When you graduate high school, yeah sure no more set schedules and no more bells dictating what you do with your time. But this, this is college and I’m almost done. Granted, I will be pursuing my Masters but in terms of the  not-so-distant future, I’m done. That’s absolutely crazy! It still hasn’t hit me, nothing ever does until maybe the night before or morning of but I definitely think this is something to be proud of. I’ve got a lot more work ahead of me but I can see the goal I’m working towards.

It’s raining this morning and I have to head to work soon. It’s lame that I’ll be out in the rain for the majority of my day, but at least I have the sweet satisfaction knowing that I’m a soon to be college graduate! (a soaking wet, freezing soon to be college graduate). I’m sipping my coffee and savoring these last few moments of dryness in my house with my dog and cats by my side. This would be a perfect day.. if I didn’t have to work. But working hard got me to this point.. so I guess this is worth it, too. (?) (I still don’t wanna go!!)

Hope you all have a splendid day! Stay safe and dry out there!

-Sabrina ❤


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