Going thru my drafts

“reality is really harsh and weird-”

This caught my eye. Scrolling down my tumblr feed, stopping at the posts that grab my attention, this simple text post just fueled my mind.

It’s a very true statement. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately. The concept of reality is very interesting in itself. For one, it just means it’s the truth. It is the here and the now and it’s nothing from any dimension or time. Dictionary.com says it is the state or quality of being real.

Wow. What a concept. This can go so may ways.

Well, different people have different realties. Despite what is real or not, it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

I’m always living in the now, focusing on the task at hand and constantly preparing for the next moment. However, I will admit that the remaining 75% of my thoughts are a mix of anxiety and nostalgia.


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