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Wtf, 2018 already?

I just cleaned out my inbox, deleted old documents from 2014-15, updated my software for my mac, and finally changed my desktop background. The start of 2018 is already feeling great by cleansing everything I don’t need. I’m somewhat of a cyber hoarder because I keep EVERYTHING. I’ve held on to so many revisions of papers I wrote for classes back when I was a sophomore in college. No need for those here. I’m trying to live as simple as possible. After this, I plan to start on my room. I’m not the most severe hoarder, but I have a habit of keeping things for the sake of memories. Granted, I’ll probably hold onto my Edward Cullen shirt from when they were first released at Hot Topic during that Twilight craze, I think I can manage to get rid of the clothes I never wear, and I mean never. I’m sure we’ve all been there.. looking through clothes and finding that one cardigan that you never wear, that you’re on the verge of getting rid of, but then you think of the ONE specific occasion in which the cardigan would make the perfect addition to your outfit only for it to sit in the closet for yet another year. (yes, there’s one specific cardigan I’m thinking of as I write this. Cardigan, meet goodwill trash bag!)

Anyways, I feel the going theme for my start of the new year is to rid myself of what I don’t need or use. There’s no need for clutter because it just makes me feel messy and unorganized. This is the year I want to actively use and engage with only what I need and nothing more. That goes for clothing, food portions, social media usage, etc. I just really need to declutter my life and the process is so therapeutic.

On another note, just for the sake of documenting my life things lately: I no longer crave coffee and it’s the strangest thing. I’ve quit coffee cold turkey and I haven’t felt any strong withdrawal symptoms like headaches and such. It’s honestly really weird, but all I drink is tea and when I need some extra energy, pink lemonade has been my go-to beverage (in small doses of course).

I’m optimistic for the new year and while there are certainly things that have been testing my patience and making me worried about the future, I’m trying to tell myself to be more calm and to trust that everything will be okay. I have a lot to be grateful for and I’m getting on myself to see the good in the present moment and to savor what that good is providing for me NOW instead of how tomorrow, next week, or next month will be affected. Everything will turn out as it should be and there’s no need to rush satisfaction for the purpose of comfort. That was always my strategy: prepare for the worst, always be one step ahead. But I’m now telling myself to be in the moment and to live for now because if you spend all your time worrying about tomorrow, you loose today. I know this method isn’t responsible for all aspects of life, but for the small things, I’m going to try this out. I need to be uncomfortable once in a while.

This is the year of travel, I’m making it so. I’ve planned our first trip of the year and we leave in two weeks to San Fransisco. It will be our first time visiting one of the largest cities in California and I’m ecstatic. I plan to completely take it all in and to savor new experiences all year long. I’m going to document all my travels and finally stretch my wings farther than the four same cities I’m always in. It’s time to broaden my horizons.

This is also the year I’ll take the time to listen to myself more. I’ll be more aware of myself and my emotions. My mental health will be my priority and I plan to make this my happiest year possible. I plan to do things for me, to better myself for me, and to ready myself for the next chapters of my life. There’s a few things I can feel that may come to an end this year and I’m getting myself ready for those changes. I’m excited for the woman this year will make me. I’m going to be my best me yet.

If you’ve read up to this point, thank you. I plan to use this more often this year (I say this every year) but I mean it this time. At least one post a week. Maybe every Thursday. I’ll make that my goal. So, stay tuned. I may even give this little blog of mine a revamp. New year, new me, new blog layout.

Wishing you all a very happy new year! I’d love to hear some of your resolutions!


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