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Well, well, well…

My last post was dated October 2016 and while it’s not that long ago, it certainly feels that way. Today, or should I say tonight, is the 4th of January and I told myself that this year I would document more of my thoughts, experiences, and life overall. I want a memorandum to look back on, not just splotches of Instagram photos with a sad attempt at a clever caption. I want to relive the best and worst moments of this year and capture my true emotions. Honestly, I might even be over exaggerating right now as I may just post a photo of an aesthetically pleasing latte and there could be no emotion behind it whatsoever. I want to see the good in everything I do and I want to believe there is art in everything I see, as freaking cheesy as that sounds. I want to capture more photos of myself. I want to see the changes in my face and eyes. I want to see my baby face mature into that of a young woman ready to take on the world. I want to show my favorite outfits and favorite makeup techniques to whoever wants to see. I want to share photos of my baking adventures and I want to give my opinions about the many movies I’ll see this year. Not many people will see my posts, not many will care even; but this is for me and I plan to make as much use of it as I can. It is January, after all. Why not get started now if I’m really trying to record this year as it comes. So if you’re reading this.. thank you! I hope you’re just as excited about the new year as I am and I hope you enjoy the ride!



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