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New Year’s Resolutions

If I’m being honest, I have always thought resolutions were super lame and a waste of time. I always thought (and still think) that it’s never too late to start over. I would hear people promise to eat healthier, exercise more, wake up earlier, etc. only to give up on those promises maybe two months into the year. I didn’t think resolutions were realistic or even worth the effort.

However, contrary to everything I just said up there, I have a few promises I made to myself for this year and they are as follows:

  • Travel more
    • I’ve only been to New York and Vegas (does that REALLY count?) and I’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug. I already have a Walt Disney World trip in the works for September, but before then I definitely would love to fit some road trips in here and there and see what this country of mine has to offer. I’ve never been up in NorCal and I have a cousin who lives in SF so what am I waiting for? Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, I want to visit them all. So my promise to myself is to try to visit as many new places as I can.
  • Get out of my comfort zone
    • This one has multiple aspects I’m referring to. I want to completely throw myself into situations I never thought I would be in (within reason, of course). I want to meet new people and have conversations with other humans I never thought I’d have anything in common with. I want to make some good memories with some good people and if it means people ask “what is Sabrina doing there?” then so be it! I also want to try new food and that means making it as well. I’ve been really into cooking lately and it’s honestly so fun to me. I plan to experiment with recipes and to have a good time in the kitchen. In terms of myself, I want to try wearing some different styles of clothing, applying my makeup more boldly and actually putting some effort into what I do with my hair. Let’s face it, though; I’m a lazy gal who loves her vans and mom jackets so we’ll see how this one goes. I won’t be too upset if I’m rocking vans on NYE this year lmao.
  • Spend less time on my phone
    • This kinda contradicts my entire purpose of creating (revitalizing?) this blog. But I guess I mean that during the moments I’m with someone, I intend to keep my phone in my purse or pocket and give all my attention to who I’m with. I will 100% still take a photo of my $5 latte and maybe a dog filter selfie with whoever I’m with, but then hasta la vista phone! Also, when was the last time you looked up at the sky? Sure, go ahead and say you did it today (liar!) but honestly, it’s just a better view than that of a Facebook feed. I’m the biggest hypocrite.. but hey, I’m working on it!
  • Read more books
    • I bought a few books last year (3 months ago aka last year ha ha) and during the holiday season I barely had time to breathe so I’m finally finding time to delve into these beauties and whenever I find myself getting lost in a book, I get so happy inside and remember why I love reading so much. It’s one of the best escapes in the world and you get to meet new people in your head and if that doesn’t sound great then I’m officially nerding out a bit too much.. moving on.
  • Do more of what I love
    • This is so funny to me because if you ask someone who knows me well, they’ll tell you that I pretty much love everything. And that is the truth! So “do more of what I love” sounds completely.. confusing because where do I even begin? Maybe I mean to say that I plan to surround myself with the things I love most whether that’s doing my makeup, going out for coffee solo, buying a new bottle of wine to try, or even just relaxing in the bath on a cold night. The small things are what I love most and maybe I just want to do more of them this year.
  • Indulge
    • So, I love a good bargain. Who the heck doesn’t like to save money? Honestly I don’t believe in spending a ton of money on something temporary. I know some girls who will put down hundreds on a designer purse and it blows my mind. Some people will spend money as if it’s their last day on earth and I think they’re sometimes crazy. But you know what, I respect that. This year, I am making a promise to myself to indulge. I am going to treat myself like the queen I am. I usually put others before myself making sure everyone around me is taken care of before I focus on myself and that’s great and all but I love myself too. I also love makeup and hair products and they are not cheap (ask Jason). I plan to reasonably indulge in the products that I want that will ultimately make me feel better and prettier and more confident. I need to understand that this is the reason I have a job. To make money for me. I’m going to school and I’m working on my future, spending a few dollars is not a bad thing and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing it. If that means I buy a $25 lipstick, then…. 🙂
  • Be happy
    • This one is pretty self explanatory but I really mean this one with all my heart. I want to just feel content with every decision I make and I want to live  satisfied life full of happiness and love. On my dark days when I seem to hate everyone and everything, I want to still remember how good I have it and that things could ALWAYS be worse. I want to live each day loving everyone around me because if I’ve learned one thing from 2016, it’s that you never know when you’re going to lose someone you love most. And I hope I never miss an opportunity to tell someone I love them.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear some!


-Sabrina ❤


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