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“Let’s go for a walk”

That’s how today started. image

It was around 4:30-5pm and we decided to go on a walk. Or should I say 8 mile hike. We ventured out into the Chino Hills State Park for the first time and the first word I can think of to describe it is vast. It is so big and open and beautiful. We nonchalantly thought it’d be fun to explore the hills and get lost… this is something we tend to do often. Our ideas of fun sometimes don’t fill the conventional mold of what others may think is a good idea for a regular Tuesday night and it’s one of the things I love most about this relationship.

A couple of hours into our “walk” we had hiked a good 4 miles before admitting to ourselves that we had no idea where we were. We had no signal whatsoever. Our only options were to keep going forward or to work our way back. We kept going forward. Another 4 miles and it was already 9pm by the time we made it back to the car.

We really got to experience the hills part of Chino Hills. We found ourself wandering on hilltops and  through trails. We walked through tons of trees and foliage and we even got to see some remaining historical artifacts that make up Chino Hills’ history.

It was really cool getting out and up close with nature. It’s something Jason and I have found ourselves doing quite often since the beginning of our relationship. We love being outdoors and we’ve made a pact to always resort to hiking if we can’t find anything else to do.

Aside from our love of food and being lazy, we love getting lost and we love exploring. I think we have the perfect balance of being active and being couch potatoes. We’ve been on this health kick as of late, though, so I’m sure we’ll be going on many more hikes in the future.

Now that it’s Summer, we want to do a decent amount of traveling, which I’m so excited for. Despite summer school, I’m hoping for a fun filled summer with tons of spontaneous adventures. & I cannot wait to document all the memories!


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