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Summer is Coming

imageOriginally, I had thought to make my come back in some kind of chronological order in which the events took place from my last post to now.. but I also thought that would be boring and it would limit me. So I’m tossing that idea out the window and I’m just going with the flow.

With that said, and as random as it may be: today is going to be hot.

I’m honestly so excited to have some heat. I used to be all about the cold weather. I loved the gloom and fog and freezing cold weather that requires sweaters and jackets. I mean, I still do. But sunshine is everything to me now. Many who know me, know I don’t do well with cold. My skin becomes irritated, inflamed, super red and ugly. It’s like an allergic reaction to cold weather and it’s not the most fun.

This weekend is coming in hot. Temps are in he mid nineties almost making it to the triple digits and it’s only obvious that Summer is Coming. (GoT pun intended 😉 This is definitely beach weather which I’m so excited for, but I also spend 80% of my time working at the happiest place on earth. This means I’m spending a good portion of the day in the parks hanging out with the guests, making magic, and wearing layers of costume that will undoubtedly be drenched in a ton of sweat.


What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t visit Jason at the Jungle Cruise & ride his bote? (5 times) ❤

Despite this, though, Summer means no more school and a lot more time to hangout. It means wearing sunscreen and less makeup. It means more poolside selfies and late nights with friends. Summer has always been a fun time for me. It’s when a majority of people my age don’t have to worry about school and stress and get to live it up for a couple months.

I’ll be attending summer school for a cool 8 weeks with a hard schedule but I’m hoping to come out strong. I can’t wait for all the good things to come this summer!

What are some of your favorite things about summer? What are some summer traditions you and your friends/ family have? I’d love to know, so please share!


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