I’ve probably known this for a while now, but I love mornings.

As a child growing up, mornings are where most of the action in my life took place as lame as that sounds. Mornings defined my existence.

In my family, there was no such thing as ‘sleeping in.’ We were always on the go, waking up very early to get an early start on the day. To some point today, it’s still like this. Even when I set my alarm for what I believe is the earliest of early times, I can count on my parents to be awake.

Let’s start with before I started attending school. Mom and dad would wake up to start getting ready for work and I loved to lay on their bed watching them get ready. It was my favorite thing to do. Watch my mom sing as she put her makeup on, pick my dad’s tie, and just feel the warmest happiness and admiration for my parents.

When school was added to my routine, I remained in my parents bedroom often times getting ready in there with them. We would always be watching the news, that’s how I’ve been trained to always take a glimpse of the news wherever I am. And then once my dad left, which was usually a couple hours before my mom, we switched the channel to VH1 and MTV. We lived for the top 20 video countdowns and could almost always predict the order in which the music videos would play because we watched it religiously. We knew once it was hitting the very #1 video spot, it was usually time for us to get going and that was when we knew it was time to  leave the house for school. Other days we would watch Frasier, the Golden Girls, and on occasion, the Looney Tunes. My mornings were all about these specific TV shows and they’ll forever remind me of my childhood and my mom and getting ready in the morning.

Feeling the heat of the curling irons, the all too obnoxious sounds of the hair dryer as my favorite music video aired, asking my mom if I could iron her clothes to which was answered with a ‘no’ because I never did it right.

This was all elementary through maybe middle school.

High school, I started carpooling in the morning with my neighbors and towards the end my friends started to learn to drive and so I’d hitch  ride with them and all my morning rituals and memories began to fade.

Fast forward to now, my college days. It’s different almost every day and I haven’t decided if I like it that way. I often times wake up with no one home and while it can be great sometimes, it’s also very lonely.

Don’t get me wrong, I love waking up to silence and being able to wake up on my own time and actually get out of bed without someone asking me anything. I love going downstairs and having my cup of coffee while watching the morning talk shows, I definitely take after my mom.

But sometimes I wish I could go back to the time where every minute of my mornings were spent with my mom there. We would talk about what was happening on the news, how she felt about it, how I should feel about it, I’d ask for advice and sometimes she would curl my hair and those re the memories I miss more than anything.

It’s very different now and I’m growing up. I’m almost 21. I talk about how I wake up to no one home, but soon enough I’ll be waking up in an entirely different room and place.

Sometimes it can even be hard to find people to grab breakfast with because everyone my age is so engulfed in their own thing. Life has taken over and people have their own stuff going on which is so exciting but it’s weird knowing we all used to be at the same place once, all doing the same thing and now we’re all so far apart.

Back to the essential part of this post, despite who I spend my mornings with, I still love them. They’re usually cold for the most part and I get to enjoy the start of a new day and I think it’s pretty peaceful knowing nothing hasn’t happened yet to ruin the day.

Here’s to many more wonderful mornings.



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