welcome to the good life

So I’ve come to terms with the fact that the amount of sleep I get a night often determines my mindset about my day and my life in general. I know for many others, that’s a given. It’s a universal thing which everyone already knows about.. but I’m barely realizing it applies to me as well.

Apart from this, I’m happy to know I’m not alone in the way I’ve been feeling lately, and it helps to just talk about it. Keeping it silent hurts more than it helps. I know it can be hard to admit to weakness, but it’s alot easier when you know people around you are having similar thoughts.

Also, never lose hope. As hard as it gets, there’s always going to be something positive or uplifting right around the corner that can always brighten or cheer you up. Whether it’s a funny video, a favorite song, or hearing your mother’s laughter~ there’s always a quick fix that can change you entire mindset.

We’ve all got this one life. Time is going to move so quick and at the end when we see our lives flash before our eyes, it’s important to make sure it’s worth watching. And so I need to keep that in mind when I’m constantly stressing about petty things. Well, some are pretty important but it’s best to not dwell on them and let them consume me.

I may not have all the answers and I’m definitely still struggling trying to find some balance, to figure out who I am, I am fairly happy with everything else I’ve got.

I’m a giant procrastinator.. so besides the fact that I’ve got homework staring at me, everything else is pretty fantastic. I need to stop comparing my life to others, I will bloom at my own pace. It’s about having as much fun as I can and making as many memories as I can while working as hard as I can. We can all do that much.

This is a beautiful life and we all need to get our heads out of our phones and take a second to look at what else this world has to offer. That sounds super lame, but it’s true.

I wish nothing short of pure happiness for everyone. There’s no better feeling than peace of mind and I hope each and every one of you get just that.


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