Day #2 AM edition

So today thus far, we’ve explored all of NYC! Like the tourists we are, we took a tour of the city and all it’s exciting places! I saw lots of architecture today and I got to know the city a little more, which was very cool. It was very (and still is) hot outside. Today was the first day of school for many New Yorkers today but this ‘record-breaking’ heat sent them home… it’s hot, yes but it’s nothing compared to California heat to be honest. I loved the high buildings but I hate the traffic. The air is filled with sounds of sirens and car horns. People are yelling at each other in the streets and again, there is no courtesy whatsoever. We came back to the room and knocked out for a bit to beat the heat and my intention was to do some homework, but as one would expect.. nothing got done. I haven’t had coffee yet today so I’m a little worn out but now that we’ve rested, it’s time to continue our night. More pictures to come!


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