Day #1 in the Big Apple

So today was my first day outside of sunny California! I woke up at 3:30am, left Chino Hills at 4am & I boarded the plane at LAX around 6:10am. It was wild. I had never been in an airport before and I had only heard things about airport security and boy, were my eyes opened. All good things tho. The plane ride was pretty cool. It was awesome seeing what’s outside of my little city, especially from so high up! I mean, I flew across the country so we covered a lot of ground (no pun intended!) It was colder than I expected and I couldn’t sleep so comfortably but it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and I hope to fly more often. After arriving, my family and I were pretty pooped.. and starved. Now, we’ve never been here before and the last thing we wanted was to eat some commercial chain that we could get at home. So after much arguing and stress at baggage claim, we decided on a cute italian spot called Cara Mia. It’s one of those cute little restaurants you see on TV shows with a little outdoor patio along on the sidewalk. I had the spinach ravioli and it was pretty great. After dinner we hit up Times Square! It was beautiful to see all the lights and people that decorated this beautiful city. We were pretty exhausted at this point and it’s still pretty hot outside but we saw what we could and eventually sought refuge back at our hotel. It’s nice and cool (a little too cool.. I’m now freezing!) The hotel is actual very beautiful. Our view is amazing and I even got to experience the rooftop! I’m definitely excited to be here, I’m just tired and once I recharge, I’ll be ready to explore the shit out of this city. We’re here for a week, so we have plenty of time. Tomorrow we plan to take the subway around and visit cool landmark locations, which will be photographed and posted tomorrow night. One thing that stands out the most to me here, is the lack of courtesy and manners in the people who reside here. Maybe I’m being too hasty but I’ve yet to hear a please or thank you from anyone and people walk the streets willy nilly with no regard for cars or other people. Everyone is quite rude, but I can’t say I’m surprised because that’s what NY is renowned for. Besides the fact, I can’t wait to have a bagel out here, a slice of pizza (maybe 12), and a couple (maybe 5) hot dogs! So stay tuned, tomorrow I’m coming for you NYC!


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