Empire State of Mind

I’m leaving to New York for a week and it will be my first time on an airplane, it will be my first time across the nation, and it will be my first time stepping out of my comfort zone. The farthest I’ve been is Vegas, which hardly counts as anything. I’m very anxious and nervous. I’m excited to breathe new air, see new people, and discover what else this world has to offer. Surely I sound very dramatic.. I’m just going to New York. Plenty of people visit this place and to some it is nothing special. This will be the first state I visit which will set the standard for all next endeavors I experience next. I’m excited to see how people live, how their attitudes and culture differ from mine, and how life is viewed in such a fast paced, business-centered atmosphere.

I’m also a little scared. I’m nervous that I’ll fall in love with this state and never want to come back. I know it seems silly to be scared of that, but it will change everything if I find myself wanting to be away from home. I want to travel the world and see everything. I want to try all the coffee shops of the world and buy flowers from the stands on the sidewalks. I want to converse with strangers and broaden my perspective on this world.

I want to document everything and step out of my comfort zone and LIVE. I’m excited that NY is the first of many I’ll get to experience because I’ve heard great things about it and plenty of people who know me always tell me that it’s the place for me.

I can’t wait to post about my experiences and scrapbook all my findings. Let this be the start of a new adventure. Let this be the precursor to a new lifestyle and mindset. After this trip, may I have an appetite for travel and a craving to ‘just go.’

It’s time for this little fish to go experience a big pond. And she’s very ready for what’s next.


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