A balancing act

I’m constantly having to keep stability between two aspects of my life at a time. It gets so hard because sometimes I’ve been so used to things going a certain way that when things are different and allow me to take the alternate path, I fumble because it’s foreign to me. I need to learn to not let my emotions get the better of me and to have thicker skin. It’s so silly how I let the smallest things get to me and it needs to stop. That not I’m being too harsh on myself, I just know I can be stronger about these things considering how far I’ve come.

Contrary to everything I just said, I just can’t wait for the day I don’t have to balance or be strong anymore. Everything will be set in stone (for the most part) and I’ll always have something to look forward to and there won’t be as many changes in that routine. I long for that day because it will mean all my efforts will have gone towards something meaningful.


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