Pictures of you, pictures of me

So I have two places which I love to express my thoughts: here and my journal. I love to have both an online and physical medium to release my thoughts, though I can’t seem to find a balance. On one hand I want to write everything down and develop every photo to put into an album somewhere, while on the other hand, I have my cell and/or laptop on me more than anything and posting what’s on my mind is always one click away and the memory storage I have is limitless. Besides, technology allows me to update on a live basis, in the moment, with constant selfies or pictures. I find both to be very valuable and both are great for memories to look back on. I guess I’ll have to keep working on it, but I love that I am able to use both to my advantage to document everything I feel in this world. Going through all my pictures today made me realize that I want to continue to document everything I experience because I love having something to look back on when this moment is no longer fresh in my memory. From the age of 16, I’ve been taking pictures everything, saving movie stubs and show tickets, saving paycheck stubs and old school schedules and perfume bottles. These little trinkets may seem like trash but they are priceless to me. Little memories I hold dear and I’ll get to share with my children in the future.


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