Jason D. Mills

This is just to let you know how special you are to me.

Every time I look at you or think about how things are going for us right now, I always rewind back to that first time I saw you and I swear it really was love at first sight. That sounds so lame but I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget how you looked or how I instantly became so infatuated with you. I had never met a more beautiful creature in my life, but I couldn’t have you. I definitely loved you from afar and I admired you from afar and could not get you out of my mind, though I tried because I didn’t want to be “that girl.”

Then, almost to the dot, 6 months after I first set my eyes on you, we started talking. Since so much time had elapsed from the beginning, I didn’t think much of it because I was used to not acting on my feelings, especially with you. I had to keep my cool around you, I’ve had plenty of practice. I thought you were pretty great and then we hungout for the first time and honestly, I didn’t know where things would go from there. It was like my entire being waited so long for that moment and I was still so uncertain about what would happen next. It had been a long time since I had been involved with anything like that, and I suck at being a person so I didn’t know what to do. Of course I liked you, I’ve liked you from day 01, but I didn’t know your intentions or if you even felt the same. For christ sake, this was the first time I had ever gotten to know you on a personal level and so I was a little scared and confused, especially given your circumstances. I didn’t want to be “that girl.”

So time went on, we kept talking and hanging out and things were going great. Getting to know you has been the best experience. We’ve done so many things and have gone so many places and said so many things. I can talk to you about anything and it’s one of the best things about this relationship. There’s no boundary or topic too sensitive. Communication is definitely the key and I absolutely believe we’ve got that down. I love that I can be myself around you and I don’t feel the need to be anyone but myself. Thank you for that. Thank you accepting me and my weird tendencies. Thank you for putting up with me and always being there to give me little insights into why I shouldn’t be anything but myself.

We made things official and it’s been the best thing to ever happen. I didn’t anticipate becoming so attached to someone and so soon for that matter. I promised myself to never do that again, but sure enough it happened. I am so in love with you and it grows every day. Slowly but surely, my walls are coming down and I’m letting you in. I want you to be here, with me. I want to experience everything with you and go everywhere with you. I want to tell you every little thing on my mind and I want to send you all the funny gifs and memes. I want to be by your side through it all.

To be perfectly honest, I had absolutely no fucking clue any of this would ever happen. But I am very pleasantly surprised and I never want it to end. I want to be the one who makes you smile in the middle of the day when I send you funny pictures. I want to be the one you know you can talk to/ go to for anything that’s wrong and know I will always listen. I want you to always know how incredible you are to me and how fucking perfect (sometimes) I think you are. I never want you to forget your worth. You mean the world to me and I’ve never felt so lucky to have that one person I fell in love with possibly love me too. I plan to stay with you as long as possible and love you harder and more passionately than ever. I promise to never leave you hanging and I promise to always communicate how I feel so we are always on the same page. I can’t promise I won’t be a brat sometimes, but I promise to always work out little bumps in the road that we come across.

I promise to love you and put all my effort into this relationship because you are such a great person who deserves all the happiness in the world and I want to be one of the people who helps you feel that. I promise to be a great friend to you, most importantly.

I love you so much, Jason. Thank you for being you.


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