Brief moment of my past

Strange. I wonder how you’re doing and what you’re up to lately. You were such a strange soul, a lost one for sure. You were so temporary and in the short night I got to know you, I couldn’t help but feel sad for you. You were so unhappy and so determined to avoid your fate, my heart broke a little. You were lost in transit and you knew what was coming for you and you had no spark left in you. See, that’s what we all need and I’d like to think I brought a little bit of light to your life for that night but after that, up until today, I can’t help but wonder what has become of you. Never had I met someone who knew and accepted their future as something so mediocre and boring. I have never cared less for a person, yet felt so much sorrow for someone all at once. I don’t miss you in the slightest, but I am curious. I wish everyone I meet all the happiness in the world and you stumbled across my mind and although I will never go out of my way to check up on you, I just hope you’re doing fine.


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