deja vu, or?

as i lay here, half asleep while writing this, i just can’t escape this chance to describe how i feel and in a way it’s a little more sincere considering the state i’m currently in.

today was a really good day, it started off with lunch with my mom and tommy which was super cool and then we went shopping (that’s always nice)

came home and painted my nails (that’s always a fun part of my day idc if that’s lame)

and then he came ❤

jason picked me up and we went go kart racing! it was honestly so so fun and it was pretty cool to do something like that (i don’t do a lot of stuff that gives me that much adrenaline)

i met some of his friends, his brother and his girlfriend, and got a peak into his life and the people in it, and every single one of them are great.

he’s great, so i’m not surprised!

ended the night on a hilltop overlooking the city lights and freeway, under the stars and moonlight and it was so perfect.

holding him in my arms makes me so happy it’s insane.

i have and am still falling so hard for this guy.

i’m in love.

he makes me so unbelievably happy and i just want to be around him always.

i miss him when i’m not with him and time goes by too fast when i am with him.

he is the most handsome, funny, kind person in the entire world.

i just love seeing a smile on his face and hearing his laugh.

i love when he sings in the car and i love kissing him.

i love every little thing about this guy, every little freckle.

i love him and the feeling intensifies every day.

i can’t wait to see where this will take us.

jason, i love you.


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