It’s finally here~

The end of the semester. What a nice feeling it is to be done. Well, I’m one class away but I’m close enough.

Actually, the feeling is kind of weird. I became attached to some of the people in my classes and it’s always sad knowing I’ll never see some of them ever again. That’s what sucks about college.. you have a class with someone cool and then when the semester is over, that’s it. In college, everything is temporary. That’s both good and bad. I’m so glad to be done with all my course work. I’ll admit I probably could have done better, studied harder, and put more effort into my work but as I’ve come to realize recently, I’m a normal college student. Lately, I’ve had zero motivation for school and it honestly scared me because I’ve never been the person to “hate school.” But that’s how I felt and it scared me! It made me feel guilty and I was feeling pretty shameful. But I’m learning that it’s normal to be overwhelmed and start feeling tired of school. I’ll never give up, I’m just tired and I want a break! That’s what Summer is for and next time I go back, it’ll be a fresh start. New year, new goals. At the end of every semester I always reflect on my work and wish I did a little better.. but the reality of it is that I have to be satisfied with what I have because in the end, it was all on me. Meh. Time for class. Lets do this.


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