The Clothesline Project

“Bring witness to violence! The Clothesline Project aims to represent individuals affected by violence by allowing them to express their emotions or experiences by decorating a shirt. The shirts hang on the clothesline as a testimony to the epidemic of violence in our society. You can be the difference, step up and bear witness!”

White = women who’ve died because of violence

Yellow/ Beige = battered or assaulted women

Red/ Pink/ Orange = survivors of rape and sexual assault

Blue/ Green = survivors of incest

Purple/ Lavender = those attacked because of their sexual orientation

Black = women attacked for political reasons

This was interesting and eye-opening. I wish campuses did more projects as these to really show that violence and other serious tragedies are a reality of our society and they could even be happening to someone sitting right next to you. We need to start shedding light on these serious epidemics that plague our world today.


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