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Our eyes are lost

This is the continuation of the last thoughts I had regarding media and society. I wanted to further analyze anything else I could and this is what I came up with:

No matter how much it is suppressed, every one has to be aware of this small energy inside of us all. It’s tiny, but man, can it destroy us. It’s that “forever empty” feeling, in which nothing can fill.

This all stems from the fear of death. Everyone, let’s face it. Everything beyond everything in this world begins with the fear of our evident demise.

A man was explaining why he doesn’t allow his children to use their cell phones. He began explaining this using his own testimony with technology. He was dropping his kids off at school and as he was in the car listening to what was probably a sad song, this “forever empty” feeling began to manifest. Now, he could feel it. He knew it was coming, but he decided to let it hit him “like a truck.” Unlike the rest of society, most of whom have probably never felt the true raw emotion that this feeling elicits from people.

Moving along, this man lets the feeling consume him in all its entirety. He then begins to weep “like a little bitch.” It was at that time, he says, that he was able to experience “true profound happiness.” He claims that this experience is lost to us and I definitely agree. I’ll explain what the relevance of letting children use cell phones is later.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.08.22 AM

Let’s analyze.

So I really hope we all know this “forever empty” feeling that’s been mentioned earlier because when it was being described to me, I could never identify anything better. And I’m not sure if I know that feeling particularly well because I’m still young and my hormones are raging.. but I’m sure that’s another story all together. Anyways, this feeling.. this void inside of us reminding us of our fate and our morality. I was thinking about this earlier. I’m not laughing constantly, 100% through my day. There are times I’m sitting by myself (like right now) and doing my own thing. The face I have on is one that other people seldom see because when I’m with someone, I’m usually happy or distracted. So the question is, when you’re by yourself and you’re doing your own thing, are you happy or are you typically sad about something lingering in the back of your mind? Whether it’s about not getting an A on that paper, wishing you had better clothes, hating yourself for not doing well in school, wishing you had told that one person how you felt, what is typically on your mind? I thought it was interesting because a lot of my thoughts tend to be negative although I don’t consider myself a negative person.

This all stems from a fear of loneliness, which stems from the fear of death. Why is it that when you’re suddenly feeling lonely, you feel the need to text 5 different people? Are you really texting them, or are you using them for their responses which will then temporarily satisfy your craving for attention or company. In this way, we are finding a way to appeal to a phone to make us feel better… Does that not sound a bit..scary? This fear of loneliness is constantly budging at us that we risk our lives for the sake of overcoming our loneliness. I do it, lots of people do it. It’s dangerous, but that doesn’t stop us. Texting while driving is a serious thing and people don’t realize they are risking their LIVES just to temporarily feel like they aren’t alone for 30 seconds.

So what we have here are people forgetting the importance of human interaction. It’s been argued that the cell phone has literally “blinded” us. If you notice, eye contact is extremely rare and sometimes uncomfortable nowadays, especially with younger children. They’re all glued to their screens and it definitely have serious effects. (This is why he doesn’t let his kids use cell phones).

Children need to learn at an early age the consequences of their actions. During the toddler years, there is no filter. This is important because children need to experience the reactions yielded from the words they use, thus shaping them into better people (hopefully). If a child calls someone fat while they’re right in front of them, he or she will be able to detect the sadness in the other person and he or she will notice that they don’t enjoy the feeling of hurting someone else. Compared to online communication, one doesn’t experience the effects words have on a person. They say it and simply keep moving on, unaware of the possible implications their words have caused. This is important. Children too, need to know how to interact with one another.

So back to this “forever empty” feeling. So many people try to suppress it by means of cell phones, laptops.. media, in general. I’m sure there are obvious reasons why many people would prefer to not dwell on the fact that their going to die, but I believe it’s important to hone into it every so often.

It’s been said that my generation is known to not like talking on the phone. Why? I’m not sure, I could talk for hours but this isn’t about me. Why are humans so afraid of awkward moments? Technology, in a way, has distanced ourselves from other people instead of bringing us closer together. People have this ideology that “there will be time.” Time is ticking. See, I’m realistic and I know (???) that I have multiple years ahead of me, so what’s the rush? I understand this but I’m starting to think that it’s not a good way to live. This idea of time ahead takes away from the ability to live fully. This idea that “there will be time” is ultimately hurting our livelihood. It’s as though all the “white noise” is a big distraction. We’re all trying to forget that we are going to die, but that could be the very thing that’s harming us the most.

That sadness is inside of us all. We are known as the distraction society. We’re all so caught up trying to fill the silence with white noise, just to forget that we will have our end. But that should be what motivates us to live more, live fully. I know, so well, it can be hard sometimes. Life happens and life is exhausting. But we all really need to stop convincing ourselves that there will be time. We need to act as if there won’t be a tomorrow. (who’s to say there will be?)

**This was very sloppy and disorganized, I apologize!**


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