he’s from nowhere

He’s probably the most interesting person I’ve met this semester. He’s still the most mysterious but weirdly very comforting. His name is Brennan and he kinda looks like a statue with a lot of steeze. He’s got a beard and long hippie hair. He often wears a bun or a beanie and he looks very cool. He could possibly be a real hipster, but I’m sure he would kill me if he found out that’s what I’m labeling him as. He’s always reading whether it’s a novel or his textbook.. that’s something not a lot of people do any more. I’ve never seen him on his phone and he is a musician. His brother is away studying in Germany and he hates Disneyland (or so he says). I don’t believe it though. I think under his exterior, he’s a total sweetheart. One day I missed class on a day we were supposed to be doing group work together and I don’t know how.. but he EMAILED me. Not a text, an email! How interesting, right? How he got my email address? I’m still not sure but I was very intrigued. No guy has ever sent me an email lol! He’s just kind of very manly but I can tell he finds solace in the arts. He always laughs at the way I participate in class and how I always ask him questions. I know he hates how often I check my phone and I know he hates the amount of makeup I wear. But he’s an interesting person and I’m glad to have met him. I’m really curious as to where our friendship will go.


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