The future english teacher

There’s a girl in one of my english classes. She’s quiet but she knows a lot. She often contributes to class and her responses are often so profound, they elicit a decrease in the rest of the class participation. She knows her stuff and I admire her so much for it. She wears tangerine hand cream, the kind you can purchase at World Market in the cool soap/perfume section. Her books are saturated in highlighter and the pages are flagged in post-its. She’ll sometimes check her phone during lecture and she’ll do it by hiding her phone between the pages of her books. She has lovely red hair and I can tell just by the way she sits that she’s going to one day be an english teacher. I see so many of my old teachers in her mannerisms and I think it’s so interesting. She sometimes pulls out a small journal and sometimes she’ll rub a small amount of perfume on her wrists and behind her neck. She seems like the kind of girl who stays up late reading great works of literature. She is lovely and I always seem to notice these small things about her. I wonder if she knows about her own small quirks. I wonder if she has a clue that someone outside of her bubble has found interest in her. The future english teacher.


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