the engineer

To the one I gave a pencil to. You can tell this guy isn’t an english major. He uses pencil on everything. English majors usually use pens. They scribble their mistakes, cross them out, and stain the pages with black ink when they do something wrong. Not this one. Pencil everything and one day I gave him a mechanical pencil to add to his collection. I’ve never seen him actually use the pencil I gave him but I’ve seen it inside his backpack. He’s a third year engineering major. His name is Thomas and he has storm troopers on his shoes and he wears the same blue jacket to every class. Our conversations range anywhere from 10 -30 seconds and he sits by me every class. He’ll always ask if I’m ready for the test and/or if I’ve done the reading. All of which I reply with a quiet “nope!” I’ll miss seeing this guy, I’m not sure why. He’s a really nice person.


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