the boy from tomorrowland

He’s a friend I’m happy to have made. It’s a seemingly unlikely friendship, but it’s really cool. He’s in two of my classes and I’m not sure how it came up but we found out that we both work at Disneyland! And it so happens that I know the girl he’s dating. This is the story: Her name is Shannon and she’s a year older than me. Her mom was/is an english teacher at my high school and she’s the teacher that helped in my decision to major in english. So Shannon’s mom was my english teacher for 2 of my 4 years of high school, and one of my favorites, at that! Shannon and I have somewhat of a close friendship. I knew Shannon worked at Disney and I knew she was dating someone and it so happened it was the guy who was in a couple of my classes! So our friendship developed from the foundation of our mutual relations with Shannon and Disneyland. He’s always there to help me feel less guilty about not doing any homework because he’s usually in the same boat. He works in Tomorrowland, somewhere foreign to us Adventureland Cast Members! It’s really cool to have a friend from what is considered outside territory in our work world. He’s really awesome and is hoping to become a policeman someday. I’ll one day be able to say I know a cop. One thing I admire about this guy is the way he talks about Shannon. The way he talks about her lets me know there are nice guys out there. So here’s to this friendship, it’ll be funny to see how far our friendship will go. See you at work, bud!


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