Thank you, but why?

The one who conceals a giant chest tattoo. One morning I was making my way to class and as I was walking the steps of the parking garage to get down to the first floor, some guy came and started walking next to me. He asked if I was in his english class. He looked familiar (I’m good at scanning faces) and I told him I was. He then asked if I had received the email from our professor notifying us that class would be cancelled that morning. So, that day we never actually had class together. During classes following this interaction, he would sit by me for a solid 3 weeks of classes. It was cool I guess, but I never really asked him to sit by me. It wasn’t awkward, but I wasn’t sure what he was looking for.. I had nothing to add to the conversation and it just didn’t seem like we had a lot in common. So of course, I’m not going to put any effort into something I don’t see happening.. So one day he stopped sitting next to me. One morning he sat on the opposite side of the classroom and stayed there to this day. I hardly talk or make any eye contact with him. Even though I’m in no way opposed to this (I’m kinda glad he’s over there), I want to know what it was that made him leave. Was it too silent? Was I not responding the way he hoped? Did I make him feel unwelcome or uncomfortable? I’m very curious.. though in order to learn the answer, I’d have to talk to him again. I don’t want that, so I guess I’m left to wonder. To the guy who used to sit by me in the beginning of the semester, why don’t you sit by me anymore?


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