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My Queen

One thing I’ll miss the most when I’m older and my parents are no longer around is the sound of my mom’s voice in the mornings.

Whether it’s her yelling from her room for Tommy to wake up or coming into my room to ask if I took her makeup, I’ll miss it so much.

I can always hear her singing in her room really early in the mornings or she’ll always be on the phone catching up with her friends, sisters, or my grandma.. which is always in spanish.

She is the cutest woman and her voice honestly really brings me comfort. She’s always so happy and sarcastic (most of the time lol) and her inflection is superb.

Basically, my mom is superwoman.

I know for certain she is the reason I love mornings. She gave me her coffee addiction, her hopeless romanticism, and a love for morning news and talk shows.


This was taken during Christmastime last year when we had breakfast in downtown disney. Not sure why I don’t have a current one of us.. gotta get on that!

This lady is my best friend and I love her to death.

She is also the BIGGEST drama queen and I know she definitely passed that on to me.

This post swayed from what it was supposed to be about. My mom was downstairs on the phone with my grandma and this thought came to me. It’s not the first time I’ve realized how significant my mom’s voice is, but I thought it would be nice to put the idea somewhere solid (like my blog?)

For all those moms out there with cute voices: thank you for bringing happiness into the world!


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