the alarm sounds and he sleepily looks for his phone which doesn’t seem to be by his pillow the way he arranged it before he fell asleep

the persistent alarm becoming louder with every second it isn’t dismissed

finally, he finds his phone and silences it

by this time, the girl who had been blissfully in her slumber had now awoken and was squinting at him with the hair in her face as it took him what seemed like ‘forever’ to shut the phone off

he smiles, her smile follows

she stretches and sits up in a criss cross fashion scratching her arm

he imitates this and pulls her closer to him

it’s saturday and the tradition is they don’t sleep in on saturday mornings, they like to be productive on their weekends

questioning the genius behind this commandment, she whispers “good morning”

:”hey cutie” he responds. “i’m loving the hair this morning”

:”take a picture, it’ll last longer” she sarcastically remarks with a quick little kiss and abruptly jumps out of bed and runs into the kitchen

he smiles because she’s always like this, always on the go and he can’t help but fall in love with her little tendencies. he runs after her

she loves coffee. the taste, the smell, the overall feeling it gives her especially early in the morning

she picks her favorite mug, the one with sunflower embellishments

none of their dishes match. they are collectors of plates, bowls, cups, and mugs

he doesn’t prefer coffee, he’s already full of adrenaline so he doesn’t need the caffeine. he opts for orange juice.

he sits and watches her as dances in front of him wearing her big t-shirt and undies decorated with penguins. he smiles as she comes closer and takes a seat on his lap

she kisses him, he kisses back

this exchange becomes heavier and heavier until Nesbit knocks his cup of orange juice off the table.

they stop, look at cat who’s committed not one, but two atrocities and she pulls out a .38 pistol from under the table and kills Nesbit.

The end.


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