community / culture / spirit

As I sit here, sipping my almond iced coffee at my favorite little coffee shop, the Night Owl, located in the beautiful city Fullerton, CA I can’t help but feel so at home. I’m surrounded by people with their faces in their laptops, sipping caffeine, chatting with friends, and some great music to compliment the atmosphere. I absolutely love this place. Not just the coffee shop, but Fullerton in general. This city is chock-full of small business and overall community spirit. Everyone just has a certain attitude and style.. and I dig it. I dig it so much. I definitely feel I fit in here. It’s beautiful. It’s not high-class, it’s not dirty and tacky, it’s a perfect combination of ambition and culture all intertwined. Don’t get me wrong, Fullerton has been a pain in the butt more days than one, but I’m so thankful I’ve found my home in this little city. I hope to maybe move down here in the future. Downtown Fullerton is where it is. Right along Harbor Blvd. Home sweet home.


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