Cheers to life!

So last night me and Stacy were talking about how far we’ve come. It’s been 9 years now that we’ve been friends and it’s definitely one of the biggest blessings. Stacy is one person I thank my lucky stars that is still in my life. She is literally my other half in everything. I can’t imagine a life without her. But we’ve both come a long way. We both used to look so different and of course, it comes with the experience of puberty and adolescence but wow. What a trip. We logged into our old photobucket accounts and just gawked over our awkward teen years. It was honestly pretty amazing. Looking at the pictures brings so many memories and what’s cool is, looking at the pictures I can instantly remember the day as if it was yesterday. Emotions run through me like a river because we were 12 years old when we met. I’m turning 21 at the end of this year. OH MY GOSH. That’s insane. Soon I’ll be able to do all the seemingly grown up things we always dreamed about. We would lay on the driveway, look up at the sky and try to piece together the life we always wanted. What’s funny is, I’m at that age I always imagined and it’s nothing close to what I expected. Not that I’m disappointed, I’m actually quite happy with my life; but I thought by the time I was 20 I would have my life together. What a joke, but I love myself for being so naive.

I used to be this little wannabe scene girl. I would wear so much eyeliner. Eyeliner was my war paint. My hair went down to my butt and man I was so awkward. But I’d never change anything. One sad thing though, back then I used to obsess so much over the way my body looked more so than I do now. I hate that I cared so much. I remember the days me and Stacy would run miles after school just to get skinny. I mean, kudos to us for wanting to be fit but that’s no way to spend your teenage girl years. Now, we care to an extent, but we love what we have. And we will certainly take chipotle whenever we have the chance.

It’s just crazy how fast time goes and how as the years go by, there are so many changes and sometimes it’s hard to even grasp the fact that life is moving and I’m going right along with it. I’m so thankful to have taken so many pictures. It’s something I’m glad I still do because when I’m 50 years old I’m sure me and Stace will be doing the same thing with our 13 year old selves and our crazy twenty years.  I thank my mom for instilling the inner photographer in me.

I’m happy with who I am today. And that’s one thing I’m really happy to say. I’m glad I like myself. I’m having fun and I have the people in my life that I know will be with me forever. All I really need is my family, friends, and pets. I’m so thankful to be healthy and going to school, pursuing something I love and to be making as many memories as I go. It’s a beautiful life and I’m happy with the way mine is going. I’m excited to see where the next few years will lead me, but I just hope to never lose my spark. I never want to lose my wonderlust, my craving for adventure, and excitement. I can’t wait to experience everything this life has to offer me and it’s only beginning.

Look at us little goobers before & now:


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