Here’s Jonny!

So today was really unexpected, but full of adventure! This morning I dropped one of my friends off at the airport & unfortunately, it turned out he was a day early. (someone was a little too excited to leave CA) so we headed to breakfast! We stopped at the Early Bird cafe in Fullerton & it was fantastic. This cafe is so cute. My first time at the cafe was when I first hired into to Disney, so I guess it was pretty recent. Anyways, this place is so cute & hipster. It’s a breakfast & brunch spot. I tried eggs benedict for the first time & I actually really liked it! Jonny had the waffle of the week– the Elvis waffle, which has nutella, bacon & bananas (yummo!) with some eggs & hash browns. We were definitely not disappointed. Even the coffee was great. It was a really nice meal, with fun conversation & great company. Our next stop was to downtown Brea. I made him smell almost every candle at Bath & Body Works & he did so without any refuse, now that’s a nice guy. We visited Sara at Color Me Mine & then we headed to World Market. World Market is absolutely one of my favorite stores. It’s always an adventure in there, so many things to see and just take in. We then enjoyed some sweets at the local cupcakery & of course, I had some french macarons which I consumed all too quickly before I realized I probably should have taken a picture to commemorate the experience. The weather was beautiful & we just coasted down the canyon, windows down listening to some good oldies. It was honestly so great. It’s so cool to hangout with someone new and just get to know him or her better. Jonny definitely got a taste of my sarcasm today, but I’m glad he was able to spit it back at me and just laugh. Today was a really good day. Now here are some pictures:


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