She’s back~

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written last and it’s been eating me up. Lack of inspiration, time, energy, and just motivation to actually get some words out. It doesn’t sound hard, but when you’re lazy like me, everything can be a struggle. Well here I am! Back into the whirlwinds of social media. I haven’t been checking my social networks as often as I used to and I’d like to think that’s a good thing.. or maybe it’s just a sign that I’m too busy (meh).

So it’s midterm season for me! I absolutely love school. I love CSUF and I love my major with all it’s quirky professors. This semester I’ve really been learning a lot about what I want to learn about. I’m an english major you see, and it’s nice to be done with the majority of my GE’s so I can focus on my core classes. I’m one midterm down, 4 more to go. I’m not nervous. I’ve attended every class so far and haven’t felt the inner cry baby in me whine one bit during the duration of the semester (yet) (it just started)

The semester just started but it’s already half way over. I’m done in May. MAY. It’s already the end of February and so that leaves 2 months till Summer! (for me, at least) I’m sorry quarter system!

Ahh, Summer. Sweet sweet Summer. What is Summer? I haven’t been able to enjoy Summer since middle school when I didn’t have a job or a car. Now, I’m constantly working and my schedule is always opposite my friends and there’s no such thing as being carefree. Being carefree in the summer can be dangerous for me. I’ll (maybe) be taking summer school classes this summer to get some more units under my belt. The plan is to graduate a year early to get to grad school faster, graduate younger, and start my career (whatever that it) as soon as I can. I hope all my efforts will be worth it. School is so important to me.

One thing I’m looking forward to this summer season is work. Working at Disneyland that is. Finally all the cast members (hopefully) will be out of school, only focusing on work and having fun. People won’t have exams the next morning or classes at 7am. Everyone is just going to get a lot closer because all our hours are going to skyrocket. I feel like sometimes I see my Disney family more than my own but it’s not at all a bad thing. I am completely and absolutely in love with some of my disney friends. I really don’t know how I survived life before meeting them. So many great people and we’ll have so much more time to spend together.

I was on a roll there. I completely lost my train of thought right now. I guess I’ll stop here…. sorry that’s awkward. But I promise to try to not neglect my little blog as much if anyone out there does read these little rants. Mom, I know you read them so thank you.. I think haha I love you. Here are some pictures from my latest adventures!


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