Mom, you’re the real MVP!

“This is your valentine from momma” is what I woke up to this morning followed by a quick kiss on the forehead

…and this is just one example, among many, of why my mom is an angel.

I’m constantly fangirling over how amazing my mom is, and rightly so. She gave me this cute little heart bucket filled with life’s greatest treasure: chocolate. I am not afraid nor ashamed to say that this year, my mom is my valentine! I don’t have a boyfriend, and I don’t need one. Valentine’s Day is a holiday of chocolate (duh) and no one should stop you from indulging in mountains of chocolate!

imageI know today is the 13th (Friday the 13th YIKES) but I’ll talk about it just the same. No one needs a significant other on this day of romance (tomorrow). But if you do have a special someone, it’s a beautiful day to celebrate what you two have! So congratulations! But for the single peeps out there, let us celebrate our loved ones! Our dogs, cats, sister, brother, best friend, and yes– our mothers!
My mom is one incredible lady and every day she just keeps proving how perfect she is and I’m just so blessed to have a best friend like my momma. Thank you for all you do little mim. Don’t cry when you read this, but what you did this morning really made my day and I love you so much for it! (I hope you got my text)

Here you can find one of my latest articles for our love column in the Daily Titan! Check it out, it’s about why your best friend is your real soul mate. http://www.dailytitan.com/2015/02/your-best-friend-is-your-true-soulmate-and-theyve-been-in-your-life-the-entire-time/


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