It wasn’t until I started college did I start appreciating coffee shops. I guess I didn’t start actually appreciating coffee until college. Oh how it has saved my life.

It also wasn’t until college did I start to prefer anything other than Starbucks– I’m just not impressed anymore.

If I’m going to pay $4 for a cup of coffee, I want it to mean something. That might sound weird, I’d just rather support smaller businesses whereas the infamous franchise is, I’m sure, set for life.

Especially going to school in Fullerton aka a hub of diversity and host of contemporary dining, it’s safe to say there’s always something new to try & that goes for coffee as well.

You would think I’d have a favorite drink by now, but I’m not even close.

I have a couple of favorite coffee shops in Fullerton that hold a spot in my heart and probably will forever.

+ Aloha Java

Aloha Java is Cal State Fullerton’s very own little coffee establishment that’s been serving the people on campus since 1995. The coffee here is great and I’ve never been disappointed. The baristas are always so nice and welcoming, I’ve even come to know and befriend some of them. The prices are …beautiful. And the music they play is so awesome. They’re always blasting some cool tunes, even if it’s at 8AM. It’s just a sweet spot I discovered freshman year and I’ve been gladly giving my business since. $1 coffee refills when you bring your own tumbler, folks!

+The Night Owl

Then there’s The Night Owl. Everyone in Fullerton has to know about this cute quaint cafe. They’re located in the heart of Downtown Fullerton and it’s a place where all the locals come and hang. This place feels like home.. seriously, they have couches inside. The coffee is really awesome and the baristas at Night Owl are so friendly. Whenever I visit, I always ask them to customize my drink I never get the same drink because it’s important to try new things! When you’re inside, you’re surrounded by beautiful works of art created by the locals and the cafe even hosts occasional open mic nights. If you haven’t visited this place, I definitely recommend it!


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